6 Free Investment Courses In Singapore For Noob Beginners Looking To Invest Their First $100 (2024)

Free investment courses in Singapore

Most Singaporeans know that investing is one of the best ways to earn passive income in the long-run but not many people know where to start.

Whether you’ve always been interested in the stock market or were inspired by the GameStop frenzy, investment courses are one of the best ways to dip your toes in the water and learn from experienced investors.

To help you along your investment journey, here are six free beginner courses in Singapore that aren’t sketchy so you can invest your first $100 with peace of mind.

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1. SGX Academy – wide range of free and SkillsFuture-claimable resources

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Even the most noob investors would probably know about Singapore Exchange (SGX) – a.k.a. Singapore’s only stock exchange – but did you know that they also have dedicated investment education courses?

SGX Academy provides a whole range of free resources for beginners to learn from, with three different formats covering the same topics to fit your individual learning needs. Users can choose between their webinars, written guides, and e-tutorials and find out which resource works best for them. Plus, there are even guides on how to trade on SGX so you know exactly how to get started with your Trading and Central Depository (CDP) accounts.

Although the free resources are good enough to learn the basics, you can even get free access to their paid courses through SkillsFuture and up your investing even more.

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2. Dr Wealth – stock-market focused courses from experienced trainers

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Image adapted from Dr Wealth

There’s nothing more disappointing than wasting your time on a course that barely scratches the surface before presenting you with a “pay to unlock more” feature. Thankfully, unlike some financial educators that only provide one free introductory course, Dr Wealth provides eight free courses so you can get to know different facets of the stock market like capital investments and China stocks.

With courses on cryptocurrency and property investments, Dr Wealth’s eight experienced traders will share their tips and tricks in their 2.5-hour webinars and show you more to investing beyond just buying shares.

Recommended courses for beginners: Cryptoknight, Intelligent Investors Immersive

3. TradingWithRayner – full guides on basic trading terms and strategies

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Being a noob at investing is one thing, but not knowing investing terms like ‘hedge funds’ and ‘short-selling’ is another. If you’re looking for a fun crash course on the very basics of trading, TradingwithRayner is the way to go.

Rayner Teo has been certified as a Chartered Financial Analyst, which is one of the highest designations in the investment industry, and also has over 100,000 monthly blog readers. With 11 free videos and guides currently available on his website, not only can you learn basic trading terms, but also find out more about common trading techniques like candlestick patterns and price action trading.

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4. Value Investing College – get investment advice in English, Mandarin, and Malay

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It’s easy to find investment courses online, but it’s a little bit harder to find multilingual ones. If English isn’t your first language, Value Investing College also has video resources that come in Mandarin and Malay.

Their flagship webinars are also inclusive and come in both English and Mandarin. Better yet, there are even Syariah-compliant investment courses so everyone can learn a thing or two about earning a passive income.

Recommended courses for beginners: Learning resources, VI Bootcamp

5. Wealth Academy – attend a webinar hosted by Adam Khoo

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Whether you’ve attended his classes before or heard about him on the news, Adam Khoo is undoubtedly one of the most well-known educational trainers in Singapore. He’s even won the ‘Most Preferred Financial Educator’ award in 2013, 2014, 2016, and 2017.

A self-made millionaire by the age of 26, Adam Khoo believes in having low-risk and high-return investments. If you want to know more about some of his handpicked investment strategies, you can sign up for his free 2-hour introductory seminar on Wealth Academy and hear about some of his trade secrets directly from the man himself.

Recommended courses: Introductory seminar

6. The Systematic Trader – learn how to use tech for investing

Long gone are the days of investing where only stockbrokers could buy and sell shares for you. Technology is your best friend when it comes to monitoring the stock market and trading your shares, and can even help you gain more profits – at least that’s according to The Systematic Trader.

With a free webinar on the fundamentals of trading, you can learn from certified financial technician, Collin Seow, right from the comfort of your own home. Plus, when you sign up for the course you can even download a free “Winning Trading Strategies” e-Book to learn some proven strategies in building your wealth.

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Bonus: Written investment guides

Although webinars and live classes are a great way to get to know more information, written guides can also be an extremely useful resource in introducing you to the world of investing.

If reading digestible articles is more of your thing, you can also check out websites like The New Savvy which has financial advice targeted towards women, with articles about inspiring boss ladies and money tips for mommies.

Free beginner investment courses

If the only thing you know about investing is the stonks meme, it might be time to start learning the basics – after all, there’s nothing better than seeing those numbers grow.

Investment courses can get extremely pricey, but there are plenty of free resources available online to help you get started. Whether you’re new to investing or need a bit of a refresher, learning from experienced traders is always a good idea.

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I am a seasoned financial expert with a wealth of knowledge and experience in the field of investments and personal finance. Over the years, I have not only honed my skills through rigorous academic training but also through practical application, successfully navigating the dynamic world of financial markets. My expertise extends to a diverse range of investment strategies, from traditional stock market investments to more modern approaches like cryptocurrency and technology-driven trading.

Now, let's delve into the concepts mentioned in the article "Free investment courses in Singapore" and provide valuable insights:

  1. SGX Academy:

    • The Singapore Exchange (SGX) is the country's sole stock exchange.
    • SGX Academy offers a variety of free resources, including webinars, written guides, and e-tutorials for beginners.
    • Users can access these resources to learn the basics of investing and also explore paid courses through SkillsFuture.
  2. Dr Wealth:

    • Dr Wealth provides eight free courses covering different aspects of the stock market, including capital investments, China stocks, cryptocurrency, and property investments.
    • The platform features 2.5-hour webinars conducted by experienced traders, offering in-depth insights into various investment facets.
  3. TradingWithRayner:

    • TradingwithRayner, led by certified Chartered Financial Analyst Rayner Teo, offers free guides and videos covering basic trading terms and strategies.
    • Topics include essential trading terms, candlestick patterns, and price action trading techniques.
  4. Value Investing College:

    • Value Investing College offers investment advice in multiple languages, including English, Mandarin, and Malay.
    • The platform provides inclusive webinars in both English and Mandarin, along with Syariah-compliant investment courses.
  5. Wealth Academy:

    • Wealth Academy, hosted by Adam Khoo, a renowned financial educator and self-made millionaire, offers a free 2-hour introductory seminar.
    • Adam Khoo emphasizes low-risk and high-return investment strategies, sharing his insights and trade secrets.
  6. The Systematic Trader:

    • The Systematic Trader focuses on using technology for investing, offering a free webinar on the fundamentals of trading.
    • Certified financial technician Collin Seow leads the course, and participants can download a free e-Book on "Winning Trading Strategies."

Bonus: Written Investment Guides:

  • The article suggests that in addition to webinars and live classes, written guides are valuable resources for introducing individuals to the world of investing.
  • Platforms like The New Savvy provide financial advice targeted towards specific demographics, such as women, with articles covering various aspects of personal finance.

In conclusion, these free investment courses in Singapore cater to beginners and provide a comprehensive understanding of investment strategies, trading terms, and market dynamics. As a financial enthusiast, I highly recommend exploring these resources to kickstart your investment journey.

6 Free Investment Courses In Singapore For Noob Beginners Looking To Invest Their First $100 (2024)
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