20 Ideas to Show Appreciation for Teachers (2024)

Even though teachers are surrounded by their students each day, they often lose sight of how important they truly are. Following are twenty teacher appreciation ideas that you can use and modify to help honor the teachers in your life.


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Provide Breakfast for All the Teachers In the School

Having a nice breakfast waiting for the teachers in the morning can be quite a welcoming way to start Teacher Appreciation Week. This is quite an easy idea to arrange as a selection of donuts, danishes, and coffee are more than enough.


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Give Each Teacher a Gift Card Paid for By Donations or By the PTSA

One year, our school gave out a $10 gift card to Amazon.com to all the teachers. It was enough to buy a paperback and was well appreciated.


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Have Students Write a Letter to Their Favorite Teacher

One way to incorporate teacher appreciation within the classroom is to have students write a letter to their favorite teacher. Then you can arrange for this to be delivered either within the school or by post to a teacher at another school.


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Have Students Write a Poem About Their Favorite Teacher

One Language Arts teacher at our school had students write a poem for their favorite teacher. This was given a grade, just like any other poetry assignment. The poem was then delivered to the teacher.

Donate to a Charity on Behalf of the Teachers

This idea works especially well in certain circ*mstances. For example, if a teacher recently suffered through breast cancer, then donating a sizable sum to the American Cancer Society in the name of all the teachers of the school would be a wonderful way to honor them. Alternatively, the teachers could vote concerning which charity they'd like the donation to go to.


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Cater a Lunch

Having a lunch catered with non-cafeteria food can be quite a treat. One year, Outback Steakhouse donated an entire lunch for the school personnel. Even something less fancy can still be quite memorable for the teachers.


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Have a Massage School Provide Chair Massages All Week

Massage schools are quite willing to charge cut rates in order to give their students practice. The massage students can set up in the teacher work area throughout the week. Then the teachers can sign up and get a chair massage during their planning periods and lunch.


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Create a Free Raffle for the Teachers to Participate In

Have businesses and parents donate prizes and then give out free tickets to the teachers so that they have a chance to win a nice prize.


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Create an Individual Award for Each Teacher

This works best if the administration is involved and personalizes a reward for each teacher. However, even if it is not personalized, teachers can be given a certificate and a small recognition gift at an assembly before the school.


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Have All the Teachers' Cars Washed During the School Day

This is another well-appreciated gesture. Have a local company or just a group of students wash all the teachers' cars during the school day.


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Allow a Casual Dress Day or Week

If the administration agrees, teachers always enjoy the chance to dress in casual clothes for one or more days during Teacher Appreciation Week.


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Have Food Treats Available Throughout the Day

You can set up a central location like the teacher workroom and have treats like donuts, cakes, cookies, and other treats available all day long so that students can come during their planning periods.


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Place a Note and Candy In Each Teacher's Mailbox

You can place a special note of appreciation along with some candy in each of the teacher's mailboxes so that they find it first thing in the morning.


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Give a Bouquet of Flowers to Each Teacher.

Having fresh flowers delivered to each classroom can be quite a lovely gesture. These can include a special poem or note of appreciation.


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Provide Recognition Awards Based on Nominations.

School personnel and students can nominate teachers for special recognition awards to be given out during an assembly in honor of the teachers.


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Give Each Teacher a Motivational Book

Buy and distribute motivational or inspirational book for each of the teachers. This can be especially nice if there is a special inscription for each teacher.


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Have Students Perform a Talent Show In Honor of the Teachers

You can organize the students to have a talent show for the teachers at an assembly during the school day.


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Make a Starbucks Run

Have the teacher order their choice of coffee or tea from Starbucks to be delivered at lunchtime. This can take some coordination, and it works best with a smaller faculty.


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Have the Administration or Staff Cover One Class for Each Teacher

If the administration and support staff is willing, then each teacher can have a class covered for one period in order to give them a little extra planning or personal time.


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Give an Engraved Item to Each Teacher

You can go order an engraved item through a company like Things Remembered or just a local trophy shop. This can be a paperweight or a picture frame that has been etched to commemorate Teacher Appreciation Week.

20 Ideas to Show Appreciation for Teachers (2024)
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